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Dyer - Into the Future
Sonya Dyer, PhD student

Into the Future:

Art at the Intersection of Science Fiction, Collaboration and Feminist art practice

PhD completed 2021

Through the work of the think tank the ... And Beyond Institue for Future Research, contemporary art practice and close readings of depictions of Black (in this case, African-descendant), female subjects in reproductive media and visual culture more broadly, this research questions the possibility of reclaiming the future imaginary for the doubly marginalized subject.

Paying particular attention to questions of temporality as a methodology for exploring the position of Black women within popular visual narratives and conceptions of the future, the aim of this research is to problematize existing tropes of Black female subjectivity in visual representations of the future, particularly via the genre of Science Fiction and to ultimately create an alternative conceptual framework for – and visualization of - Black female subjectivities.

How can the think tank as an organisational model be utilised as a strategy to reframe, reconstitute and re-imagine a historically abjected ontology? What are the aesthetic implications of the utilisation of the think tank as a form within the realm of visual art practice? If the future is a contested site, what ideological work is undertaken when claiming a place within it?