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Baslouh - Islamic Elements in Contemporary Art
Sondos Baslouh, PhD student

Sondos Baslouh, PhD student

Islamic Art Elements in Contemporary Art

PHD completed 2019. Supervisor: Ergin Cavusoglu and Neelam Raina
Many contemporary artists have attempted to create Islamic works of art, which depend on the visual elements of Islamic art instead of their conceptual elements. As a result, this appears to be a superficial practice without much understanding of the philosophical roots that exist in Islamic art. There are several contemporary artists who have used the concept of expressing God in their work. Each artist has approached this concept differently. For example, artists have made Islamic art that express God but are mostly copying visual elements from the traditional Islamic art such as geometric forms and vegetal patterns. Their work does not portray the true meaning of Islamic art, it is only appears to be from the outside.
 This research asks if by understanding the conceptual elements and the visual element in Islamic art would this contain the key to understanding artworks that expresses God and spirituality in contemporary art? I intend to identify these elements used in contemporary art and build a framework of understanding that will bring together the works of many artists.