> > > Allen - Feminist interventions as expanded practice
Allen - Feminist interventions as expanded practice
Felicity Jane Allen, PhD student

Creating the 'dis-oeuvre': Interpreting feminist interventions as an expanded artistic practice in negotiation with art�s institutions

Felicity Allen


This PhD by Public Works considers an individual feminist art practice within a context of radical and feminist artistic propositions of the latter twentieth century. It examines different types of practice within a single career, and when and how an artist might produce work within the terms of her own practice, including when it is produced under a contract of employment.

Taking account of recent theoretical contributions to socially engaged practice and affective labour, it notes that, during the last half century, educated women in Britain have shifted from work in the home, first into jobs and later into careers, and currently in the uncertain space of precarious labour. Given the multiple and fluid identities of the working woman artist, when can we consider her to be a practitioner?

Focusing on six very varied works produced by the artist, it will locate the impact of feminist values that were formative in her undergraduate learning through her own independent study within the framework of 1970s women’s groups. Significantly, it will consider how a practice is produced through different forms of writing, visual work and dialogue. The research explores the ways in which each work poses underlying questions about what a work and a practice might be. From this analysis, it aims to produce a viable new form for an expanded feminist definition of what might constitute an artistic practice. The PhD is supervised by Dr Alexandra Kokoli.