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About Art & Design Research in the ACI Faculty at Middlesex University

This website reflects Art and Design research by staff and postgraduate in the Departments of Visual Arts and Design in the ACI Faculty at Middlesex University. These 2 departments are part of the 4 department structure of the ACI Faculty, established in late 2016 at Middlesex.

Dean of ACI, Kene Igweonu
Deputy Dean of ACI, Mark Hunter
Deputy Dean of ACI, (Research), Paul Cobley
Head of Department, Visual Arts: Bharain Mac an Bhreithiun
Head of Department, Design: Professor Gareth Williams

Our curatorial and archival activities include important collections of computer arts materials and UK animation,  home decoration and furnishing. The design research in the ACI Faculty is linked to MODA, Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture. The history of ADRI reaches back through several decades of ground-breaking cultural criticism.

In Visual Arts and Design Departments have a vibrant community of over 30 postgraduate research students pursuing a range of projects in the history, practice and theory of art and design.

ADRI has ten research clusters that reflect our academics’ diverse interests: Art Practice as Investigation; Community Practices; Design and Urban Cultures; Diaspora, Difference and Other Cultures; Electronic and Digital Arts; CREATE/Feminisms; I:F (Interiors: Fashion); Material History, Science Fiction and Visual Culture and Curating.



The Art and Design Research Institute was set up in 2007 by Stephen Boyd Davis, David Durling, Mehmet Karamanoglu and John Seth to be a subject-specific umbrella institute for research in art and design. In addition, strong connections existed with the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, and product design and engineering. ADRI was originally led by Professor David Durling then by Stephen Boyd Davis, followed by Damian Sutton, and Suzanne Buchan. For many years ADRI was based at the University campuses of Cat Hill and Trent Park. In 2011 it moved to a new £80million building – the Grove – on the main University campus in Hendon, northwest London. From 2007, ADRI as the Art and Design Research Institute, was the home of world leading research and innovative practice in art, design, visual culture and electronic arts at Middlesex University. Since 2016, this website represents the staff research of the two Departments of Visual Arts and Design in the Faculty of ACI.

In the results of the UK audit of higher education research, the Research Excellence Framework, published in December 2014, art and design research at Middlesex University was rated “internationally excellent” or “world leading” in over 75% of its submission. It means that Middlesex is in the top 20 for UK institutions for art and design research in terms of our research outputs, and in terms of research power, a key measure of capacity and critical mass. Our research has attracted funding from major grant-awarding bodies, including the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Leverhulme Trust, the Paul Mellon Foundation, UKTI (UK Trade & Investment), the Regional Studies Association, and Scouloudi.

Art and design research has a long history at Middlesex, stretching back to the Hornsey College of Art, and includes groundbreaking art and cultural theory through visual culture studies and Block magazine, as well as innovative doctoral programmes such as D.Arts and PhD by Public Works, and Design Advanced Research Training (DART).

BA Fine Art Alumni


The Grove,
Middlesex University,
The Burroughs,
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